We established our business in 1999 as a 4th generation of toolmakers continuing the Kulovany family tradition in metal stamping.

Our main focus is on product with high added value. We deliver to local Czech small/mid-size companies and global corporates also.

Cooperation with us enables the customer to produce and sell quality products at reasonable price to compete with foreign manufacturers.


Siemens NX Siemens NX software is a integrated CAD-CAM solution that helps us deliver better products faster and more efficiently. To truly automate the design of progressive dies, we use an intelligent module Progressive Die Wizard. We import/export data from/to CATIA V4-V5, Creo and step, igs, parasolid. EDM Technology High-performace EDM machines from world technology leader Mitsubishi Electric. EDM wire cut Tolerance min. 0,003 Surface finish Ra min. 0,19 Wire diameter 0,15 - 0,3 Maximal travels X = 500 Y = 350 Z = 300 UV +/- 75 EDM die sinking X = 450 Y = 300 Z = 450 EDM drilling machine X = 300 Y = 200 CNC Milling Simultaneous 4-axis milling Travels: X=1500 Y=700 Z=560 Machine Grinding Cylindrical grinding outer and inner: Swing d=290 l=700 Surface & shape grinding: X=630 Y=350 Z=230 Metal Stamping Eccentric presses up to 100 tons



Michal Kulovaný
Dubenec 115
261 01 Dubenec (Příbram)


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